It happens often. After a beautiful, special meeting yesterday. With a lady who wants to connect and work with me on my new project. I feel drained and kind of lost today. Instead of pretending I`m all fine, or hiding in bed blaming life for being unfair. I just wrote …

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Expand your horizon

It strikes me that children are much less conditioned than adults. They awaken a spontaneity in me that thrills. They make it so easy to be happy. Whilst playing, barriers disappear and inside this bubble the world does not exist. Anything is possible. Try as often as you can to view the world through …

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Little gift

My beautiful little nephew is growing quickly. A year ago he was still safely living in his mothers belly.
I made a small canvas with a little poem to celebrate the pregnancy.

present pregnancy

hello dear little wonder
that you may grow well
safely in your mamas belly,
together with your dad
she`s preparing a warm nest
where you can be born
in all the love they have


When browsing through a local books-papers-cards-etcetc-shop I encountered a whole shelf full of origami paper. As a girl I spent hours and hours folding and creating with these beautiful Japanese papers. And now it seems that origami is still there, it just disappeared from my radar.. My partner encouraged me …

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